Amit paul


Amit Paul , an India based photographer, qualified b.Tech and working in a private company as a profession and a  freelance documentary photographer as well based in Kolkata, India.He is associated with the photography group Creative Art Solution(CAS). His interest in photography developed in 2007 while toying around with a compact digital camera. He hasn’t stopped taking photographs since he got my first DSLR in 2015.HeI started taking pictures of strangers on the street. According to him,  "When I started doing this, I had no idea there was an entire genre devoted to it". Some of his photographs has been published Nat Geo Daily Dozen and also published on N-Photo magazine on Dec’16 edition, for wining street photography competition on "Photography teaches to learn and appreciates life better. I enjoy documenting Calcutta (Kolkata) in all its forms and colors" , he says."I’ve always been quite an observant person, liking to pay attention to small details". He strives to capture storytelling-images as well as insightful, emotion provoking yet, realistic sort of frames. He loves capturing the colorful glimpses of the daily life in India. Street Photography/Documentary is his favorite way of looking at the world and taking photographs gives him the power to stop time.