Anjuna sainath


A full time home maker and mother of two school going children, She loves
to bring together colours and imagination to create her artworks during
her free time.She is an ex IT professional and had only dabbled in art during her school
days in India. Her journey as an artist began when she joined as a student
of the Singapore Indian
Fine Arts Society(SIFAS) Visual Arts program in
July 2014. She has explored various media like pencil, colour pencil,
charcoal, soft pastels, watercolours and oils. Her subjects mostly tend to
be figurative. She says,"
I am yet to develop a particular style of painting but I like
them to be eye-catching yet simple. The colours, moods and
expressions that I see around myself inspire me and I aim to transfer the
same awe to the audience through my art



Explored mediums such as pencil, colour pencil, charcoal and oil paints.
 Currently exploring watercolours.
 An online portfolio of works by me can be viewed at

– ‘
Kalpanaa’ by Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society (SIFAS), Mar 2018
– ‘
Artscape Singapore’, Dec 2017
SIFAS Academy Day Art Exhibition, Sep 2017
– ‘
VARNAM 2016’ by Singapore Malayalee Association (SMA), Nov 2016
SIFAS Academy Day Art Exhibition, Sep 2016
SIFAS Academy Day Art Exhibition, Sep 2015