aparna bapat


Spending most of my life as a housewife, time has not been in my favor when it

comes to pursuing art. My father, a self-taught artist, has been my constant

inspiration whenever my brush touches the canvas. I studied Commerce in college,

leading to jobs nowhere near my passion for art however over the years, my

connection to art always brought me closer to it. As I see my kids become more

independent in their ways, I find even more time to work on my own artworks and

attend workshops & exhibitions. I have explored different styles such as soft pastels

and charcoal other than acrylic/oil paintings and sketching.

SIFAS gave me a unique opportunity to display my artwork at Mountbatten

Community Club in Singapore as part of the charity-oriented Art Exhibition and Fair

for Seniors, as well as participate in the 2018 Academy Day Visual Art Exhibition

conducted by SIFAS.

Year by year, I work towards improving myself and developing my own unique style

of expression in an attempt to inspire others at the same time.