Gloria Keh




Gloria Keh was born in the Chinese Year of the Dragon and began painting since childhood.  Her late father, Martin Fu, was an oil painter, and her first art teacher.

To subsidise her school pocket money, Gloria began peddling her little artworks even before she was 10 years old. Now, at 64, Gloria is still painting.


Having studied mandala art and symbolism for over a decade with her teacher, Georgina Fode, at the Theosophical Society in Melbourne, Gloria went on to undertake a short course in art therapy in Singapore.  With her teacher’s blessings, she facilitated mandala workshops in Australia and Singapore.  Since Gloria was a journalist for many years, she also conducted workshops and courses combining art andjournaling, marrying the written word with art, as one’s personal practice, for not just self expression, but more so for healing.


She’s also studied oil painting under P Gnana, a renowned artist from India, who’s based in Singapore, and for the past few years, her mentor is the American painter, Gregory Burns.


In 2008, Gloria founded an art-based charity project called Circles of Love, in an effort to raise funds for charities through the sale of her art.  This then led to the creation of a secondary charity outreach programme, 1000 Smiles – Art in the Service to Humanity, in 2012.  This second project caters to children in poor villages, refugee camps, orphanages, and slums in the region.


She has participated in both local as well as international exhibitions, and her paintings have been collected by art lovers from Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, The United Kingdom, Italy, Switzerland, The Soviet Union, and the United States.


Says Gloria:  “I find tremendous purpose and inner peace through art.  And truly believe that art provides a beautiful way of self expression and healing.”