J Kalidass




J. Kalidass has gained prominence in the Singapore arts scene through an extensive and diverse career as an artist. He has been regularly featured in various exhibitions locally as well as abroad - in places such as Malaysia, Australia, Korea, Hong Kong, India and Taiwan, over the past 11 years, receiving many accolades in the process. Notably, he was featured in a documentary entitled 'Destination Art' that was broadcast on Channel News Asia nationwide in 2012 - and was even invited to travel to South India as part of the filming process. He has also been commended by former President of Singapore Mr  S R Nathan for a portrait that was presented to him by the artist in 2008.

Kalidass received formal training from LASALLE College of the Arts (Singapore), specializing in the medium of painting, before pursuing post-graduate experience at University of Tasmania (Australia).

Education :

1999              Diploma in Graphic Design, Blackburn College, UK

1999              Certificates:  Basic Drawing & Sketching, Coleman Commercial & Language Center Singapore.

1999               Fine Arts (level 1) Coleman Commercial & Language Center Singapore.

2000                Foundation in Oil painting, Nrityalaya Aesthetics Society Singapore.

2004                Diploma in Fine Arts; Painting. ( Distinction), Lasalle SIA Collegeof the Arts

2004                Contract teaching with MOE at New Town Secondary School                         

2005                 National Institute of Education, Diploma in Arts Education.

2007                Teaching Art at New Town Secondary School

 2011                Bachelors of Contemporary Arts, University of Tasmania

  2012                Art Coordinator at New Town Sec School


Solo Exhibitions:                  

2010 : GAUTHAMA BUDDHA; Sculpture within Paintings by J Kalidass , Gnani Arts at Regent Hotel Singapore. From 16th April to 27th April.


Group Exhibitions:    

2003: Arts Appreciation day at Mandarin Gardens.

2003: The Ganesha Show, Utterly Arts gallery; Singapore.

  2004: Vibrations, Utterly Arts gallery; Singapore.

  2005:  Art + East = Soul, Soul Arts Gallery; Singapore

  2005:  Budget Art Show, Melbourne, Australia

  2006:  The Ganesha Show 3, Gnani Arts Pte Ltd

  2007:   Singapore Art Society 58th Annual Exhibition

  2008:   Singapore Art Society 59th Annual Exhibition 18th Oct

  2009:   SAS Mini Painting 2009 Exhibition 15 May to 17 May

  2009:   Portrait exhibition at UE Square Singapore

2009:   The POP Art Ganesha 4, Gnani Arts at Regent Hotel Singapore, from the 17thto 27th Sept 

2010:   Group exhibition with Gnani Arts, Singapore

2011:   Group exhibition with Dahila Gallery; Singapore

2011:   Group exhibition with Gnani Arts; Singapore

2011:   Hong Kong HotelArt Exhibition, 2011

2012:   Hong Kong HotelArt Exhibition, 2012

2012:   Art Fair in Soul; Korea represented by Dahila Gallery

2012:   Buddha Meets Ganesha Art exhibition, Gnani Arts 3-16 May 2012

2012:   Art Expo Malaysia 2012 with Gnani Arts and Dahila Gallery

2012:   Affordable Art Fair Singapore represented by Dahila Gallery

2013:   Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong represented by The Gallery of Gnani

2013:   April 2013; Group exhibition at Sutra gallery @ KL Malaysia

2013:   “Mommy Daddy”: Art for the Love of Parents, a 16-days exhibition from 8 May 2013 to 24 May 2013 @ The Gallery of Gnani.

2014:   Affordable Art Fair Singapore

2014:   Art Expo Malaysia 2014

2014:   Art Exhibition @ION with The Gallery of Gnani

  2015:   Art Expo Malaysia 2015

  2015:   Charity Art Exhibition at Red Dot Museum

  2015:   Group exhibition with Singapore Art Society   

   2016:   Group exhibition untitled: Spring is in the Air @6A Sunset vale, Singapore 597245

2016:   Group exhibition with The Gallery of Gnani Arts @ Visual Arts Centre Singapore: Victory Icon: Contemporary Ganesha Art 

2017:   Group exhibition with Tatinis Art Exhibition, 24-25th Feb 2017@The Art House Singapore

Collection Bought:                Private collectors from Australia, Malaysia, Europe, Hong Kong, India, USA and Singapore

Media Coverage:                   On 24th January 2004, on Channel 12 (Vasantam Central) at 7.30pm had an interview about the participation in the Ganesha Show.

 On 6 February 2004, An Article on Tamil Newspaper about the painting, which was exhibited in the show:  Vibrations, Utterly Arts gallery; Singapore.     

 On issue 4 / 2006, featured in a local magazine called “Bohemia

 On 22nd November 2008, Vasantam Central, at 9.00pm telecasted an interview the journey about local artist.

 On 22nd Sept 2009, interviewed by Vasantam Central; Tamil news in regards to the POP Art Ganesha Show.

 On 18th April 2010, interviewed by Vasantam Central; Tamil news in regards to the GAUTHAMA BUDDHA; Sculpture within Paintings exhibition.

 On 20th April 2010, interviewed by Vasantam Central; Jarnal (Windows) about being an emerging artist in Singapore.

Online magazinehttp://vegvibe.com/VegVibeApr10.pdffeatured him as an emerging artist.

Featured in Channel News Asia program; Destination Art. On 7th March 2012 at 9:30pm

Featured in “Thalam” by Vasantam Central in 2012 as emerging Artist of Singapore.

27 Aug 2016 Tamil Murasu Featured my painting on Victory Icon: Contemporary Ganesha Art 



Commendation letter from President Republic of Singapore;

Mr S R Nathan on 1 February 2008. 

(for the portrait I made for him)