Letchmy Ganapathy


I relate to painting in almost the same way anyone would with meditation; I remain focused. It is a path I was destined to cross, something I stumbled onto and which filled the 'empty nest' syndrome in 2012. Painting changed my life and the outlook I had of life.

As a second-generation Singaporean and the immersion in diverse multi-cultural and modern environment, I have a natural affinity and admiration for beauty, cultures, practices & celebrations. I belief my paintings deliver a delightful balance of ethnic touch with modern feel. I explored the paint strokes on my own; played with colors that called out to me. As a self-taught artist, I had no rules to observe. I exercise freedom of expression that leverages on my moods.  It is the journey that I am enjoying.

In my early exploratory years, I experimented with various mediums. I love charcoals and pencils for its simple yet stunning monochromatic effects. Acrylic is still my favorite after having experimented with oils, water colors and Pastels and I love to paint on large canvases. I paint anything that arrests my free-spirited soul, and these are themes that border around the very beliefs that shaped me - spirituality, feminism, love and hope. When I travel, I take lots of pictures and love to paint my travel encounters.

I have favorite themes. My ‘Musical Ganesha’ series was inspired by my childhood adulation for the Hindu God, and which remains my favorite works; along with temple ruins, temple bells and antique doors.

Being a feminist, my 'Celebrating Women' series of paintings is very close to my heart. It is dedicated to the countless women awaiting to be heard or seen and for those who continue to rise against oppression.

I have a full-time job with a leading technology research organization and that keeps me challenged. Painting is my hobby and it gives me sanity!