lisa larson lee


 Lisa is originally from Canada, she says, " I’ve called Singapore home for over 17 years. In my late teens, I pursued graphic arts but, eventually, my love of writing won out; I hold a BA in communications."

In 2015, after more than two decades in the corporate world, a dear friend inspired her to get back in touch with her art. 

"I create intuitive, abstract art on canvas, paper and panel, and incorporate various texture mediums, found objects and metal leaf. My work often features multiple layers, which I use to build interest and nuance in my pieces. Sometimes I bury affirmations or original haiku within the layers.Each of us views art through our distinctive preferences, opinions and memories. Even our perceptions of colour vary. For me, the most beautiful and encompassing aspect of abstract art is that it is a unique experience for every individual."

She often hears writers and artists say that they’re not sure where their ideas come from, that they just ‘flow’. "It’s true for both my writing and my painting: when I’m in the zone my hands feel guided by the Divine—which, of course, means different things to different people. But that flow state is where the magic is, where the spark lives. I hope you can feel that infusion of spirit when you view my work."

And just as each piece she create is unique so, too, is your interpretation." I hope that my work speaks to you, and that you will consider making room for a piece in your home."