Dëfrim Jupa




Dëfrim Jupa is an artist from Kosovo a small country in Balkan. His work is inspired directly from his country and his own people and its mentality.

Since he is from a post war country he always has inspirations and topics to work on because of the hope for the good and prosperity of his people.

His work can be considered different and interesting for two reasons. First, the fact that he uses two complete different art styles to tell a story or to emphasize a particular case or idea, and the second because that story is derived or pushed by a current social problem in the society he lives in.

In his work he uses realism to speak in details trying to focus even on the tiniest parts of the painting, and uses abstract art to give emotion to what he is presenting.

Currently, his focus are women and the way he wants them to be seen. The idea of women where he lives suffers from different kinds of judgements and restrictions.

Their freedom and their rights are not treated and respected as they should. Even the local artists have not put enough effort on working to change this idea. They have either been treating traditional aspects of women or ancient and heroic aspects, but never as something beautiful and sentimental. That is why Jupa in his work has used the very feminine positions to show the beauty of a woman, and has used abstraction colors of every kind as if they were emotions.

The whole idea is that when you see his paintings you could see women as a very sensitive unique creature, and their change of emotions as something really beautiful. 

In his latest personal exhibition in 2018 there was this single quote that he used and that always attracted the audiences attention as they entered the show “If women and their change of emotions were a painting, that would be the most colorful painting of all”.