An array of mosaic paintings by artist V Rama Krishna arrests the eye creating a sensuousness that lingers on, inviting the mind’s eye to revisit the generosity of multiple colours tactfully applied at various junctions within the amorphous spatials created within or between two opposing solid colours.

The category of work is certainly abstract, leaving no clue for the spectator (at least, a first-timer) to gauge the source of inspiration that compelled the artist to paint what he paints. Jagged forms, jet in and out at different directions seeking attention.  

By adopting the abstract genre of painting Rama Krishna has already created a challenge for the viewer to derive a semblance from one’s own memory and experiences. But for a careful viewer the artist leaves clues, which exposes the residue of his earlier preoccupations which actually lays a foundation for his present series. Hazy grids of geometrics are subtly sketched upon the negative spaces which holds blueprints of past series that are represented in yet another endearing from.

Indeed, the mosaics hold secrets of landscapes that are inhabited by human forms. Hugely dense townships with clear lines of architectural ornamentation and small reliefs in the form of water bodies had expressed the romance of the artist who originally from idyllic and pastoral landscapes arrived to the city to study and build his career. And what immediately caught his attention was the expanse of built up spaces for human dwellings.   

Therefore, he initiated upon an exciting journey when he started portraying maps of intricate landscapes. Clusters of housing with little or no relief, stretched upon his canvases. With minimal amount of colour the landscapes were as good as drawings with intricate patterning, more in tandem with architectural designs, mostly grills and frames, these works expressed imaginary sense of townships. With so much detail the eye would feast upon the miniature linearity of the subjects portrayed by the artist. In fact, if the spectator distances himself / herself from the painting, the work upon the canvas then gradually emerges as a strong case for graphics unfolding before the eye.

Having endorsed the decorative landscapes for sometime the artist now consciously takes up an equally engaging turn when his creative trajectory unfolds the abstract. Here he begins to economise his portrayals and bringing forth the essentials of creative painting. By resting his craftsmanship, Rama Krishna explores the techniques of a painter where he works upon layers and textures to relay his artistic utterances.   

While the spectator enjoys the burst of colour upon his canvas, I would like to intrude upon this feast and remind that this is one artist who expresses signs of adventure and advancing toward fresher challenges, showing maturity at handling visual engagements. 




MFA (PAINTING) JNAFAU, Hyderabad 2013

B F A (PAINTING) Potti Sri Ramulu Telugu University, Hyderabad.2001,


Solo Show:


Hotel Malka Spice of Hyderabad, 2017

The Gallery café of Hyderabad, 2016

The cultural centre of Vijayawada ,2016

Taj Deccan Hotel, Hyderabad, 2015

Daira Art Gallery, Hyderabad, 2015.

Icon art gallery, Hyderabad, 2013.


Two Men show:

Lalit kala academy ,Delhi, 2016


Group Exhibitions:


Art centex,New Delhi 2017

Artland ,Mumbai 2017

World art ,Dubai 2017

Art Revolution Taipei, Tiwan, 2017

ICA art gallery, Jaipoor ,2016

Global art fair , Mumbai, 2016

Art zolo art gallery, Mumbai, 2016

Lexicon art gallery, Delhi, 2016

Daira art gallery,Hyderabad,2016


Colours art gallery, Mumbai, 2016

Indian art festival,Mumbai,2016

Mahua art gallery, Bangalore 2016

State art gallery ,Hyderabad 2016

Water colour show at Icon art gallery, Hyderabad 2014.

Mahua art gallery, Bangalore 2014 ,2015.

Space art gallery, Hyderabad 2014.

Icon art gallery 2014, 2015.

Lalith Kala academy, New Delhi 2013.

Muse art gallery, Hyderabad 2013.

Nehru art gallery JNAFAU, Hyderabad2013.

Shrishti art gallery, Hyderabad 2012.

Time and space art gallery, Bangalore 2001.

Indian Art Festival,Mumbai,2015.


Work shops:


Wood cut workshop at vijawada, Andhrapradesh 2016


Awards/ Honors:           


Silver medal All India Art Exhibition, Organized by Hyderabad Art Society, 2000.

Cash award All India Art Exhibition, Organized by Hyderabad Art Society, 2001.                             



All India Art Exhibition, Organized by Hyderabad Art society, 2000, 2001 & 2012.

National art Exhibition, Lalith Kala academy, New Delhi 2000.