Samir Sarkar was born in 1969 in Agra. He studied D.V.A in painting from Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata in 1993 .

Achievement of Honor:
2016 – special achievement award from IBRAD ( Indian bio science and research and development ) for art

contribution for society .

2013- Colourentice & Tata Steel felicitating “Artist of the year 2013

2000- Honourable Guest from India, Salon, International Des Artists,France.

Exhibition solo :

2017 - Jaypur art festival with solo show ,work shop, art talk - jaypur , Rajasthan

2014    The Bonding of Dream, GALLERY SPACE- Hyderabad

2007    The Red pallet, Vikalp Art Gallery- Kolkata.

2005    Between Ourselves, Bengal Chamber of Commerce, Kolkata

2003    Between Ourselves, Gallery Vintage, Delhi

2003    Between Ourselves, Caffain, Kolkata

2003    Tears of Time, Domus Art Gallery, Kolkata

1997    Centenary Celebrations of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, organized by Pradesh Cong. (Kolkata &

New Delhi)

1997    Fiddlers Green-II, Ambiance. The Gallery, Kolkata

1994    International Conference of Forest Management and Environment, organized by Ford Foundation &

IBRAD at The Park, Kolkata

1992    Out of Mirage, Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata

1997    Contribution the day of 15th August, 1947, organized by All India Congress Conference, (Kolkata

& New-Delhi)

( 150 National & International group show ) 1990 t0 2017 Dubai art fair , Germany , Hungary , Apparao Gallery-Chennai , narrative moments presents international exhibition India ( 7 show in different city ), joint solo exhibition in Hungary ,

Dubai- Asian art , hyderabad , Mumbai art festival , Habitat center at Delhi , DHOOMIML ART CENTER ,

ITALY – GAVARDO , academy of fine arts – Kolkata , CRY foundation presents ,Indian contemporary artist , Bangalore art fair , museum art gallery Chandigarh , Galleria M , NAGPUR/GOA/BANGALORE/RAIPUR/organized by Colourentice , Salon International Des Artists Contemporaries, France , Kala Fine Art presents Indian Arts (Gallery Lombard. USA)

Modern Figurative Painters from India (Saint Steven Auditorium, USA) , International exhibition in 18

countries artist -Italy , 12 group exhibition (23 Group in India/USA/Singapore etc.) Akar Prakar Art

Gallery , Studio 3 - Mumbai , Artists Circle, Kolkata - ( 2 exhibitions ) 2004 , Indian Art - U.S.A. -Austin.

Indian Art - Berlin. Hyatt Regency - Kolkata. Festival - Names N Art Gallery, Kolkata , Summer Show -

Names N Art Gallery, Kolkata , Contemporary Exhibition - Names N Art Gallery, Kolkata , Masters of

yesterday, today, tomorrow – Metropolitan, Ait Salon , Austin Yoga School, USA.

2018 Kerala fund org by art tune at academy of fine art

2018 Creative sarrounde by Nibana art at Habitet Centre New Delhi

2018 Sreejan present 12 Annual show at Birla academy - Kolkata

2018 - ICA present Devotion with 72 Indian contemporary artists - jaypur

2018 Narrative Movement present international pubilc art . Presented a 46-6 feet work in 2 hour with help of 16 artists

2018- Asian art house a contemporary show at Hyderabad itc hotel

2017-My next 13th solo show at Shipogram jawahar kala Kendra JAIPUR

2017-social course of cancer foundation with contemporary art - Mumbai

2017-group exhibition in Bangalore org by Asian Art House.- Bangalore

2017-group exhibition ITC Kakatiya,org by Asian Art House -Hyderabad.

2017-group exhibition at HABITAT CENTER - New delhi -

2017-group exhibition in Domus art Gallery "A MONSOON STORY- Kolkata

2016 joint solo exhibition in Hungary

2016 group exhibition in Dubai- Asian art

2015 group exhibition – haderbad

2015 group exhibition at Kolkata – chamold art gallery

2015 group exhibition j j art – Mumbai

2015 group art exhibition org by nirvana art Habitat centre at Delhi

2015 group art exhibition Delhi

2015 Mumbai art festival

2015 jaypur festival

2015 index fair- 15 at Mumbai

2015- group show the flute DHOOMIML ART CENTER - DELHI

2015- 450 artist from world- academy of fine arts – Kolkata


4 WOMEN'S DAY (8th march to 15th march - 2015

2015 Chemould Art Gallery- art fair kolkata

2015 A tell of four citys by dd space at ICCR Kolkata (group)

2015 Contemporary Bengal Artists- kolkata

2015 Contemporary Artists org artist circal- jemsedpur

2015 Indian art festival 2015- Mumbai

2015 cry foundation presents ,Indian contemporary artist … Kolkata

2014 Bangalore art fair … Bangalore

2014 International exhibition in 18 countries artist -Italy

2014 Lyrical Reflection - Galleria M, Kolkata

2014    group exhibition in birla academy by srijan - kolkata

2014    group exhibition by artist mindz - Odisha

2013. an exhibition of paintings and sculptures I C C R gallery (group)

2013    An exhibition of paintings and sculptures ICCR gallery (group)

2013 “Vivid Stocks” a group exhibition in Dubai organized by Art Jest

2013 A group exhibition at museum art gallery, Chandigarh

2013    Sensorium presents The Art in Kolkata, Weavers Studio Centre for the Arts

2013 A group exhibition at Chandigarh (The Art Lounge) organized by Indian Art


2013    A group exhibition at Chandigarh organized by Indian art collector

2013    A group exhibition at museum art gallery Chandigarh

2013    A group exhibition at NAGPUR/GOA/BANGALORE/RAIPUR / organized by Colourentice

2013    A Group exhibition at Lalit Kala, Bhubaneswar organised by Colourentice & Tata Steel

2012    A Group exhibition at Dubai organized by Artfiest

2013    A Group exhibition at Lalit Kala, Bhubaneswar organized by Colourentice &

Tata Steel

2012 A Group exhibition at Dubai organized by Artfiest

2007    12 group exhibition (23 Group in India/USA/Singapore etc.)

2007    Master's Collection Art Gallery (2 exhibitions)

2006    Indian Society of Oriental Art 1991-92

2006    Bengal Chamber of Commerce (Sumani) - OS

2006    EZCC, Exhibition of ¬n Lord Krishna (RAD)

2005    Apparao Gallery-Chennai

2004    Studio 3 - Mumbai

2004    Artists Circle, Kolkata - ( 2 exhibitions ) 2004

2004    Indian Art - U.S.A. -Austin.

2004    Indian Art - Berlin.

2004    Hyatt Regency - Kolkata.

2004    Festival - Names N Art Gallery, Kolkata

2004    Summer Show - Names N Art Gallery, Kolkata

2004    Contemporary Exhibition - Names N Art Gallery, Kolkata

2004    Masters of yesterday, today, tomorrow – Metropolitan, Ait Salon

2004    Annual Exhibition - Vikalp Art Gallery

2004    Metropolitan Art Salon

2004    Akar Prakar Art Gallery

2004    4 Man Show - Chemould Art Gallery

2004    Melanage - Chemould Art Gallery

2003    Monsoon Exhibition (Krishna Collection Art Gallery, Delhi)

2003    Chemould Art Gallery, Kolkata

2002    Indian Contemporary Art (Dell Jewish Community Center, U.S.A)

2002    Salon International Des Artists Contemporaries, France

2002    Kala Fine Art presents Indian Arts (Gallery Lombard. USA)

2001    Modern Figurative Painters from India (Saint Steven Auditorium, USA)

2001    Austin Yoga School, USA.

1998    Alliance Francaise, Puducherry 1997

1997    Art Today, New Delhi

1994    Duet Exhibition (Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata)

1993    Gallery Ukil Dey, Shantiniketan

1992    Indian Society of Oriental Art

1992    Indian - College

1992    Metro Art Gallery

91-93    Academy of Fine Arts (College Exhibitions Kolkata)

90-91    West Bengal State Exhibitions

1990    May Festival of Birla Academy

About his paintings:

He says, “All my paintings have people wearing some headgear that has a face painted on them. This depicts the double-faced nature of people. Like we see in most profession where one wears uniform, like a policeman, a nurse, an army personnel or the Pope. One wears headgear to go with it as well. To me it is the depiction of the fact that we always wear a face that is different from the real one we have. It is like a face we have to put up to suit the personality we want to project which is always different from the real one.”

For the past 25 years, acrylic color has been the main medium for his paintings. After doing the line drawing on paper or canvas, a layer of acrylic is used like tempera on it. Then slowly the subjects and people are given shape using more layers of color. “Since I use fast color, it gives a definite brightness to the figures. My figures have a definite inspiration from Egyptian paintings, thus the figures are drawn in the same form, the clothes that they wear have long lines making them look taller and in a way Egyptian. Most of my paintings are on 42½ x 48½ size which takes about 100 hours.” — he says.

His paintings, in a way are people he lives with. They give him inspiration to produce more, to experiment more and thus to create his own world with them. he depicts ,”It’s my world that I want the world to see.View 4rm different eyes ArtSpottr’s interview series: Unheard Story about exceptional Artists. They say every artwork has a story, but if you look at Samir Sarkar’s work, it’s like poetry written with colors.” Using strong visual elements and bright colors, his artwork makes you want to just sit on your couch and get lost in the fantasy world.

Traveling like a dreamer: With his dad being in the army, Samir remembers having to change cities time and again during his childhood. While most teenage would hate relocation because they have to leave their friends behind, move to a new school and start life all over again, but not Samir. Being a dreamer since a young age, to him the pleasure of traveling and seeing new cities was too strong to regret leaving the old behind. Relocating from one army base to another, allowed him to explore many cities and its culture, while feeding the budding artist inside him. Each city that he lived-in, helped him grow his visual experiences, picking up bits and pieces before he moved along.

Also, according to Samir, “Traveling so much as a kid forced me to get better at communication and understanding human behavior.” This exposure to different cities and its culture has paid him good dividend, because it has allowed his work to connect with the people and reflect on the society we live in.

Where it all started:“When I was in 8th standard, I had a classmate called Raju who was brilliant at art. His work fascinated me. It made me wonder how he could use simple stokes to make beautiful artwork that brimmed with life.” Inspired by his young friend, Samir started on his own artistic journey as a little curious kid looking for a medium to tell his stories. While he started learning by himself, living in Kolkata, West Bengal, he happened to be residing in the vicinity of some leading Indian artists. Persistent to learn and improve his work, as a teenager, he would simply land up at their house, asking for advice and suggestions to improve his work. His dedication paid off and he joined a diploma of visual art program at the Academy of Fine Arts (Kolkata). Soon after that he was doing solo shows and exhibitions, building his own signature style.

Tomorrow’s Foundation :In 1996 Samir met Mother Teresa. He was so moved by what she was doing, that he stared working with her NGO, Tomorrows Foundation. Being one of its founding members, their goal was to help kids on the streets. Tomorrows Foundation is committed to all-round development of children from underprivileged backgrounds to help them become self-reliant and enjoy their right to a dignified life. Samir was instrumental in development of the ‘TF Card Project’, a way to bring about economic independence for the children from Kalighat brothels (a red light district in Kolkata, India), streets and slums. Working with the organization for many years helped him a great deal as an artist. It allowed him to better understand human emotions and the power of bringing a smile on someone’s face. According to him, “I never understood humans could have such humility and simplicity. When you work with these children, they would tell you stories, which are often filled with pain. It makes you appreciate life a lot more.” Experiences like these give you the strength to wake up everyday and want to bring a positive change in the world you live in, and for Samir, the medium for change is his canvas.

Big Hat, Big Responsibility : Besides the story and the bright colors, one of the most fascinating things about Samir’s artwork is the hat. When you look at his work, it makes you wonder, why all the protagonists in his work have adorned something on their head. Samir believes that the hat is a symbol of power. Its helps an individual stand out; but it’s more than just a fashion statement. It puts an additional responsibility on the bearer, sending out a message to the world, giving hope to people from different walks of life. “You can see the hat everywhere around you. In the old days, the kings wore the crown, now we have the pope and the police wearing it. It’s a symbol of power and in most of my paintings; these hats bring the characters in the center-stage and help him be the catalyst for a positive change.”

A face for every emotion Like a story, Samir’s paintings have a lot of themes and messages, but the all revolve around strong emotions and relationships. These strong emotions, he usually tries to depict threw the human face he paints. He says that many of his paintings show two faces, which depicts multiple characteristics that each individual depicts when interacting with different people– “We are not the same when we deal with different people. Humans have learnt to react depending on who they are engaging with.”

Importance of Music and Family Bonding , According to him, “Music brings harmony of life and helps connect our senses.” As far as family is concerned, he says that “I have seen so many broken families, that I try to show family bonding, affection and love, hoping that maybe my painting would bring about a positive change.”