Sarala Rao




Sarala Rao is a self-taught artist. During her school days she had participated in many art exhibitions and won awards through Soviet Union Cultural Center etc. She has studied BA English Literature and done Advanced Diploma in Multimedia, 2 years course through Aptech Areana, Chennai. 


Initially she started her career as a portrait painter with oils on canvas and doing replicas of old masters. Later she perceived her career as a Graphic Designer. She was frequent to college of Fine Arts Chennai. The principal Alphoso Arul Doss used to encourage her to perceive her studies in Fine Arts and visit galleries.

Under the guidance of Senior Abstract Artist Viswam joined Padapai Art Association. In 1996 she has participated in an exhibition through Padapai in Lalitkala Academy, Chennai and she won Merit Award for the installation work.


In 2000, 12 of her works were bought by Shell Oil Companies owner Mr.Joy,Chemmachan and where exhibited in Chicago, US.  


In 2002, when she was working in US, Iowa as a Web Designing Consultant, 2 of her works was selected by judges and was exhibited at Iowa Art Exhibition. 


Since 2006, she started focusing on figurative art with acrylic on canvas. Since 2016, she seriously perceives arts. In March participated in group Art Exhibition which took place in Space Art Gallery for Women’s day 2016 and have conducted solo show in Icon Art Gallery, July 28th to 10th August at Hyderabad.


Artist explains about her works in her own words;


“As an artist, I bring forth a new perspective of looking and appreciating elements from mundane life. The various aspect of beauty that exists in each individual subject that makes me appreciate, admire and respect, at the same time inspires me to share with the rest of the world. This process gives me immense happiness and satisfaction.”