Sekhar Roy




Human is the best creation of the creator. The mixture of bravery & intellect by which they have approached and established their supremacy among others. This is my observation and I always put my strokes very distinctively and boldly to highlight the God’s best creation. By nature every human being is a combination of vibrant colours. It means the different shades of different moods. My intention is always to make them happy. That is why I like to use the bright colours to depict their happiness.

I am very much influenced by Indian mythological characters and the Indian music, specially the style of Bengal folk. Most of my works depict the Indian musical culture and different sources of local musical diversification

I am a completely self taught artist but the inspiration and teaching which I got from different pioneer artists around the world. Among them let Mr. Gopal Sanyal, one of the eminent artist of India was my teacher.


           Organised by Rotary Club of Bhawanipur at GorkY Sadan, Kolkata, 1997

          Sponsored by M.B.D. Group at ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS, Kolkata, 1998

          Sponsored by Union Skytech Ltd. at ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS, Kolkata, 1999

          Sponsored by Lions Club at ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS, Kolkata, 2000 

          ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS, Kolkata, 2001

          GALLERY SPACE Hyderabad, 2007

          TAJ BENGAL, Kolkata, 2007

·               ITC HOTEL SONAR, Kolkata, 2007

·               Sponsored by Panorama TV. at ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS, Kolkata, 2013 

·               Art Revolution Taipei 2015. Taiwan


          Group show organised by AMBICA ART at GAGANENDRA ART GALLERY, Kolkata, 1997

                      Group show organised by RAD at C.B. GALLERY Kolkata, 1998

          Group show organised by RAD at Kounik Art Gallery, Kolkata, 1999

·       Group show organised by Spandan Art Gallery, Kolkata, 2007

·       Group show organized by BENGAL ART STROKES, Delhi, Lokatayata art gallery, 2015



·               Honorable mention award ­from Galleria Art Exhibition 2000 at Vishakapattanam

·               Honorable mention award (Kalashree) from lalit Kala Academy Annual Exhibition 2000 at Vishakapattanam

·               Award From Taiwan International contemporary Art Association 2014 at Taiwan