Suchita Babar


They say that " When you are an artist, there are no rules to follow. Just let your heart lead the paintbrush!" I truly believe in this and that's why I let my heart lead me to create beautiful paintings which are an expression of my reflections. Although it was very recent that I ventured into my artistic journey, art has always had that special place deep in my soul. I come from a typical family where academics was given top priority and so I completed my degree in Business Administration, after which came marriage and then the responsibilities of motherhood. Now that my beautiful son has grown up, I have ample time to return back to my long lost love of painting! The world of colours has always been my passion and I could never really disassociate myself from it. I thank my parents who let me go to art courses when I was a little girl. Although these courses seemed insignificant at that time in that small town, but they really helped me to enhance my creativity and hone my skills. My painting style is mainly abstract and sometimes realistic. I love the vibrancy of colours and composition used in these styles and am overwhelmed by its beauty. I am also inspired by the aboriginal dot paintings and have tried to take it to a different level by creating it in various forms like butterflies and peacocks! I love to play with colours and also love doing abstracts as the beauty of an abstract painting is that you wont know how the painting will look like until you finish it! Its like a mystery. I mainly paint in oil, acrylic or mixed media. Being a self-taught artist and as I continue my journey, I seek inspiration and am encouraged by my mentor, my friends and viewers, whom I regard very high. I believe that "What is meant to be always finds a way" and this has been my story so far!